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 Blog Post  ´╗┐Where will we be 30 years from now?
I think about this a lot.
I'm 34 years old.
Can you remember those days? 30 years ago?
Look at the roads. How have they changed?
Look at Sentosa. How has it changed?
Look at Changi Airport. There used to be 1 terminal, now there is going to be 5.
When I was young, pagers were around when I was in secondary school, 14 years old. (yr 1996)
When I was in JC, 17 years old (yr 2000), I regularly carried around my mother's phone when I went out so that they could contact me.
I played Utopia, an online game in my JC library, cos I did not have internet access at home.
When I had internet access at home, it was only a few hundred kbps. It was a dial up modem.
Then cable modems came along ...

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